Loan Options with Low Downpayments

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U.S. economists expect 2015 to be a strong year for housing. What this means to you is that more homes are selling and the supply of available homes is decreasing. This also means that prices likely will increase. If you’ve been thinking of buying a home, now might be the time even if you haven’t…Read More »

House or Condo?

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One of the big decisions facing homebuyers is whether to purchase a home, or to buy a condominium. Just to be clear, as used here, a condominium is a type of housing where a buyer owns a specific part of shared property. Typically, ownership is of the individual unit and a percentage interest of the…Read More »

Early Spring Landscaping

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Bulbs, tubers, perennials and indigenous plants beautify your home and give year-round enjoyment for decades to come. If you bought your home in the fall or winter, you may not know what is under the snow or mulch, but you can prepare for spring planting anyway and liven up the atmosphere with color inside your…Read More »

Is Adding a Skylight a Good Investment?

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During the gray and cloudy days of winter, a bit of sunshine can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home and yourself. The physical and psychological affects of daylight are well documented. You could leave the drapes and blinds open, but then you lose privacy and the thermal insulation they provide.…Read More »

Should I Buy a Foreclosed House?

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As a result of the housing bubble and resulting financial instability, many communities have a high rate of foreclosed homes. Even though the rate of new foreclosures is slowing, the number of foreclosed homes in a specific the market can make buyers leery of purchasing there — even if it seems like a really good…Read More »

New High-Tech Home Gadgets

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As with The Jetsons cartoon, our imaginations run wild with the idea of modern gadgets to make our homes efficient and automated, and make our lives simpler. For cutting-edge products you can control from your smartphone, check out these contributions from the International Consumer Electronics Show. Held each year in Las Vegas, the event showcases…Read More »